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We know not every corporate event is going to be black-tie.

In fact, every now and then it’s great to not only loosen that tie, but take it off completely, relax, and have some family fun! Because we know how rewarding it is to celebrate the end of a successful quarter, project, or year with your family- that’s our favorite way to celebrate! With over 20 years of corporate event planning, we know a thing or two about successful, memorable, and fun company picnics. We have a full service, specialized team here at NCE making us your one stop shop for the best company picnics. We are devoted to your event, where-ever you are. We plan events and company picnics across the country, giving us a special kind of expertise, which will make your event one of a kind. We look forward to making your company picnic our next big celebration.

You’ve just spent a lot of time working on a knock out quarter or a stellar project. The last thing you need to worry about is planning an event. When you consider catering to every member of the family, renting the equipment, planning the entertainment, not to mention the catering itself- a company picnic can seem like a huge ordeal.

That’s where we come in.

Our team of company picnic experts will customize your picnic, wow your families, and deliver an event that is above and beyond expectation. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what some of our recent clients have to say about us:

If you want to understand what Eric and Sue are talking about when it comes planning a company picnic, have you considered the following:


Are you expecting kids to stay next to their parents, or will there be activities to keep them busy and tire them out? What will you have planned for them once they are thoroughly tired out?

Options: Best way to tire out the youngest and most energetic of your guests are inflatables and games, hands down. After they get done bouncing, jumping, and sliding on our awesome, brightly colored inflatables, they’ll still need something to keep them busy. We have many great options for that as well. How about a balloon artist or a juggler or even a petting zoo?!


Teens want different activities than kids. They worked hard to finally make it to their teen years and aren’t interested in kiddie stuff. What are you planning for them so they aren’t bothering their parents, saying “I’m so bored!”

Options: Let them get ‘inked’ with one of our henna tattoo artists or professional facepainters. If they are more into selfies than body art, we have a variety of photo booths and themed props to ensure your event is, in their eyes, Instagram worthy.


Corporate picnics aren’t just for the offspring. What activities will you have to help make your hard working employees and their loved ones know that this celebration is for them as well?

Options: Your guests who are kids at heart want to have fun too. We have activities for all ages and activity levels, from mechanical bulls and game shows to musical acts and other variety acts (think magician, comedian, palm reader, hypnotist, roaming musical acts). Tell us about your people and we’ll tell you what we think will fit best for them.

Family Activities

Of course we want to make sure we have activities that get the entire family involved. How else will you get those great photo ops?

Options: You can’t go wrong with carnival games and prizes, family friendly inflatable obstacle courses, getting matching facepaints, or dancing to one of our amazing DJ’s.


Do you have a theme? Do you want a theme? Who even needs a theme anyway?

Options: You don’t need a theme, but we certainly have plenty in store. Summer Carnival, Beach Blast, Western, Holiday (many varieties), Under the Big Top, Monte Carlo are just a few of our most popular. If a theme sounds like too much of a hassle, we are happy to incorporate your colors and your logo, so the theme is subtly and sublimely you!


Who’s doing your setup? Is the company outsourcing, or are these their employees? Who is going to know the event plan? How’s this event going to get cleaned up?
Options: All the details you worry about, or haven’t considered worrying about yet are our cup of tea. We love the details. We help formulate a plan with you. We keep you informed every step of the way. We answer any and all questions, so you don’t have to worry so much. In case you were wondering, our employees are professionally vetted, with years of experience. And we provide setup and teardown.

If you think those are some good questions, you’ve come to the right place. But here’s the thing. While we’ve given you some options to consider above, we don’t have answers for you here. We have answers for you when you call. This isn’t some generic picnic, because you aren’t some generic company ready celebrate just any accomplishment. Each of our company picnics is custom tailored to you. Your company. Your achievement. Your family dynamics. Your theme. Give us a call so we can plan the perfect company picnic for you. Our advice is free. We have over 20 years of planning experience. You won’t know how much fun it could be if you don’t give us a call.

A Story From The Owner of NCE

Why I Perform. Over the years I’ve been an actor, a juggler, a stilt walker, a fire performer, a master of ceremonies, a magician and lots more. Ironically this past weekend while performing one of the most basic types of entertainment I had an awesome experience. While at a large company picnic for a large Kentucky brewery, I was a carnival game attendant for our inflatable basketball pop-a-shot. As people gave me their ticket. I would share with them that making 3 out of 5 shots would win a basketball.
So here is my story…

A boy walked up he was age 10 or 11. I took his ticket and he promptly missed his first three shots. I told him those were just practice and we’d start when he made his first one. After a little while he did and sunk a second, but after several more tries I had to tell him, “good try” and send him on his way.

A little while later the same boy came up. Again he gave me his ticket again after many tries only 2 baskets. There was a line behind him and although he was close many times and I gave him several extra shots, I had to again send him away empty handed.

Soon he came up to the front of my line again and we repeated still with no success. This boy was really trying and I was pulling for him, unfortunately soon it became obvious that it was not to be and he left.

It was only after he left that it occurred to me that I should have given him the basket ball anyway. I resolved that if I saw him in the crowd I would. I watched for him as I worked, hoping I would see him again, worried that I had missed my chance to make this child’s day. Fortunately after about twenty minutes I saw him off in the distance and unable to leave my ride I asked a mom to carry a basketball to him. I watched him receive it from a far and turn a walk away into the crowd.

A little while later I was surprised to see the boy at the head of my line but without his basket ball. I asked him, “Hey did you receive the basketball I sent you?” “Yeah.” he said “I gave it to a disabled boy.” I was touched he had worked so hard for the ball, all the while it was to give it away. He had never looked my direction after he had received it. He new where the disabled boy was and he had hurried to catch him.

I resolved that he would not leave without a basket ball, but it was not necessary. All of the boy’s practice had paid off and on his fourth attempt, he won it for himself.