Corporate Events

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Your next holiday party, black-tie event or corporate function needs it all!

You will need a great venue, beautiful decor, first class entertainment and something to talk about – other than work. Add a fantastic meal and drinks and a memorable evening is on its way! We work with the finest venues to find the perfect place for you and your guests. Finding the ideal spot can be daunting, but using our extensive network of industry contacts and venue owners, we can find the venue that bests suits your group.

The decor and entertainment should compliment each other and take your event to the next level. We have been planning Corporate Parties for more than 20 years. We can transform any space to match your vision and look forward to the opportunity. Whether you are celebrating a year of hard work, an anniversary or incorporation milestone, we are here to help you out! You only get one chance to get it right, trust National Corporate Events as so many have done before.

Breakfast/Dinner With Santa

When the holiday season is here, what better way to spread holiday cheer than to have breakfast or dinner with Santa. Kids love it and the adults have a great time too. We specialize in organizing holiday events and would love to plan yours. Want to kick it up a notch? Add face painters and balloon artists to your event. Our face painters and balloon artists are professionals with years of experience, not part-timers who moonlight. They love kids and really add a nice touch to any event.

A Story from the owner of NCE

A client called to thank me because of our people.

She pointed out that the place we go to for her people are often depressed.

She followed by saying and the kids here aren’t going to get a lot for Christmas, but when your people give them a balloon it brings them genuine joy.

I couldn’t ask for more this Christmas than to know that this is the work that I get to do.

Casino Nights

Casino nights are a fun way to reward your team!

They are a great alternative to the typical holiday party or company meeting.

Casino parties can be themed! We offer tons of themes – Old Vegas Theme, Hollywood Theme, Monte Carlo Theme, Western Theme, and Gangster Theme!

We even design custom themes to meet your needs!

Our Dealers & Staff

Our casino night dealers are professional entertainers with our company, not just little old men that like cards.

Our dealers can eat fire and do magic at the tables, don’t be surprised to see a crazy balloon hat or juggling. You may also notice our dealers are unusually fit for casino dealers it’s because they are also aerial acrobats and flying trapeze artists.

Only The Finest Tables & Equipment

Our casino tables are from Las Vegas and solid oak, not table toppers. We reserve our high end casino tables for our corporate parties. We also have other casino tables for your festival’s casino tents. Our casino chips are Las Vegas weight casino chips, not cheap plastic.

Casino Night Decor

Jazz up your casino night by adding decor! We have all the little “extras” to make your event that much more memorable. We have a warehouse full of interactive and stationary accessories and costumes to fit any occasion. And if we don’t already have it, we’ll get it for you!

Game Shows

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking games and game show styled entertainment.

There’s nothing like a friendly competition between coworkers to bring everyone closer together. Our games and game shows are affordable and fun!

Each game is hosted by a professional entertainer, often times a professional comedian, who will leave you in stitches and entertained.

All of our games shows are portable and fun for the whole crew! Our job is to make your people feel like a star. Each show is designed to make your employees look and feel great.

Comedy Mind Reading

Are you looking for additional entertainment to compliment a game show or one of our other team building activities?

Well look no further than our wildly skilled and incredibly funny magicians, mentalists and hypnotists.

Our mentalist and hypnotist shows usually run about an hour in length. The are light-hearted, tasteful and at times – mindblowing!

All shows are fast-paced and fun immersing your people in a night that they’ll remember for years to come.

If you are tired of the ‘same ole same ole’ and want something different to indulge your company or organization then give our comedy mind reading and magicians a call. Our show will be a perfect addition to your next corporate event.

Clients Love Our Performers

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing Dan Luckett to the Let Us Never Forget Banquet at the Oasis this past Saturday.
Dan, a true professional, was a pleasure to work with.
Besides his timely arrival and cooperative nature, he entertained the audience beyond my expectations. Dan did a great job in a difficult setting.
He impressed me very much and I will look forward to the opportunity to work with him again. Dave, you all did a great job and for that I am forever grateful
Thank You!”

Marc Stout

Murder Mystery Dinner

Mystery dinners and murder mystery parties are our thing.

Join us and have a blast! You’ll get to act and participate! You’ll get to solve crimes! You’ll laugh at our hilarious costumes! you’ll want dinner to be this exciting always

We’ll bring all the costumes, all the props, we’ll invite your guests to acto or be part of teams trying to solve the mystery.

Our murder mystery parties are great for groups of 20 to 200 people. We even provide a door prize to be given away. You’ll love our professional actors!

List of Mystery Themes

  • The Haunted Hilton
  • Clue
  • A Present Predicament
  • The Two Dons
  • A Knight To Remember
  • Murder Under The Big Top
  • Golf Mine Murder
  • Moonshine Murder
  • And Many More!

Have a unique event? Ask about our customizable murder mystery dinners!

Spy School

Spy School is one of the best team-building activities around.

In Spy School, your teams compete to master real spy skills in a limited amount of time.

Some of our spy instructors are Swat team members, others are magicians. We teach you the real skills and we make it fun!