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Legendary College Events Start With A Great Plan!

National Corporate Events can help you throw the kind of college events that become legendary. We bring our event planning expertise to colleges and universities, making it easy for student organizations, clubs, and Greek life to create unforgettable experiences for everyone. We handle the planning and execution, so you can focus on the fun!

Plan a College or University Event!
College Event Planning

Epic College Events Build Memories & School Spirit

College events are the lifeblood of a vibrant campus community.

Epic College Events Are Legendary

Boost School Spirit

Nothing brings a campus together like a well-planned event. Whether it’s a department mixer celebrating academic achievements or a Greek life gathering, our events help foster a sense of belonging and pride in the school community.

Create Lasting Memories

College years are filled with moments that become cherished stories for years to come. National Corporate Events helps you create those unforgettable experiences through engaging activities, exciting entertainment, and a seamless event experience.

Drive Student Engagement

Let’s face it, lectures and classes can get routine. Our events provide a welcome break and a chance for students to connect with each other outside of the classroom. This fosters a more engaged and vibrant student body.

Celebrate Achievements

Planning and executing a successful event can be a great way for clubs and organizations to build teamwork and leadership skills. We provide support and guidance to ensure your event runs smoothly, allowing student leaders to focus on building their organizations.

College Events That Go Beyond The Ordinary

Amplify Your College Event With Incredible Entertainment And Fun!

Mind Boggling Comedic Events

Comedy Hypnosis: Bring on the laughs with comedy hypnosis shows! Watch as skilled hypnotists transform volunteers into side-splitting characters, creating an interactive and unforgettable experience for everyone.
Mind Over Matter Fun: Amaze your guests with the mind-bending power of comedy mind reading! These talented performers will seemingly read thoughts, predict choices, and leave the audience questioning reality in the most entertaining way possible.

Musical Entertainment For All

Live Music Events: Set the tone with energetic bands and create a specific vibe with genre-specific performances. We have options to suit any musical taste and create the perfect party atmosphere. From Rock to Jazz we find the best music for your college event.
Dj’s and Emcee’s: Get the party started with a skilled DJ who can keep the music pumping and the crowd engaged all night long. We also have great Emcee’s that can keep the action moving, and the crowd engaged over the course of your event.

Thrilling & Fun Performances

Incredible Sideshows: Embrace the bizarre with sideshow entertainment! From fire breathers and contortionists to sword swallowers and escape artists, these unique acts will leave your audience speechless and mesmerized.
Circus Performers That Captivate: Imagine the excitement of aerial acrobatics, the thrilling Wheel of Death, or the mesmerizing skill of jugglers and contortionists. Circus acts are a unique layer of entertainment that create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Get Your Game On

Game Shows That Entertain: We offer a variety of interactive game shows, from the classic trivia format to customized themed games, that will have everyone cheering and competing for the win. Perfect for fostering friendly competition and creating lasting memories.
Casino Night Parties: Transform your college event into a night of friendly competition and thrilling entertainment with a Casino Night theme! We bring the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to your campus, providing all the games and equipment needed to create an unforgettable experience.