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The devil is in the details. 

Our Event Producers are pros at getting all of the little things right.

On the day of your event, you should only be concerned with one thing – enjoying what you have created and watching your attendees have an absolute blast!

One thing National Corporate Events does better than any other team is anticipate event needs.

We know how many drink stations, restrooms, garbage cans and electrical outlets you need. We know where to put the tents to maximize shade throughout the day. We know how many tables, chairs and tents you will want to have if the party is outside and it is very hot.

We’ve been hosting and executing events for over 20 years and will apply that expertise  to your event, so that you can have time for the fun stuff!

We have found that if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself.

National Corporate Events has a large warehouse and distribution network and we actually get our hands on the items that are sent out to events.

When you call us and order something we don’t just call someone else, we go out to our warehouse and begin prepping. We see what is going to be facing the public and make sure that it is appropriate for your event.