Team Building

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Team Building events can be intimidating.

Nobody wants to sit through another stale meeting where people are forced to interact with their coworkers, in an effort to be a stronger and more effective team.

We have a few rules for team building – it must be fun! It must be creative! It must be unexpected and surprising! We offer more team building opportunities than anyone, and we’re always up for a new challenge. It’s impossible to list all of the fun team building options we offer and we need to hear from you.

Tell us about your team, tell us about your event space, and we’re happy to make suggestions. Here is a list of some of our most popular activities, but we have many more!

Some of our popular themes

A night at the races

We will recreate a horse derby for you and your guests

Balloon Construction

Everyone will learn how to make balloon animals!

Build a Bike

Teams will race each against each other to build a bike the fastest!

Casino Nights

We bring Vegas to you! Get ready to gamble!

Circus School

Run away with the circus for a day! Learn everything you wanted from when you were a kid; Balloons, juggling, acrobatics and even trapeze!

Gym Class

Old School Style gym class. Time to get those short shorts out of storage.

Haunted House

We bring the haunted house to you!

Laser Tag

Team up and run into our laser maze!

Chocolate Architecture

Veggie Races

Comedian Headliners

An hour of falling out of your chair from laughter.

Dude Ranch

Ever want to be a cowboy? Now is your chance!

Escape Room

You have one hour working together to escape, think you can do it?

Flying Trapeze Experience

Everyone gets a chance to fly on a real trapeze!

Food Tower

Time to play with your food! Who can make the tallest food sculpture?

Game Shows

Go head to head with your co-workers! We can do any game show!

Group Hypnosis

“You’re starting to feel very sleepy…” Hypnotize your co-workers!

Spy School

Spy’s in training! Learn how to diffuse a bomb, detect poison and more!

Sports Camp

Inflatable PlayGround

Every team building activity we present is guaranteed to bring your group together, teach them new and unexpected things about each other and, most importantly, to be a load of fun! We have activities and challenges that can be competitive or cooperative, have a wide range of physical demands and we can accommodate groups of any size. We have events that can include building things for charity, teaching people new and exciting skills and working together to create impressive works of art! Call us today to see how we can work together to make your next Team Building Event spectacular!